E-mail verification process ?
step-1: After registration is completed, we will send you a verification email

step-2: Go to mail -> open mail from Maishince, If mail is not located in Inbox, please check in your spam folder and make it not spam

step-3: After opening the mail, Please click on Activate account button

step-4: That's it, Your email will be verified
   KYC Verification ?
step-1: Look for Menu on top left corner and click on it, Left navbar will be open.

step-2: Click on KYC Verification under Account settings tab Account Settings --> KYC Verification

step-3: It will redirects to the KYC form

step-4: You need to fill the KYC form with the required details.
NOTE: Please provide correct details for faster verification.

step-5: After filling the form click on Submit KYC button, Your KYC verification process will start.
   How to white-list Maishince emails ? (GMAIL)
step-1: Open your Gmail and login to your account

step-2: Go to settings and click settings on the top right.

step-3: Go to filters and Blocked addresses.

step-4: Click create a new filter.

step-5: Add the email in the “From” box and press create a filter with this search.
List of Maishince emails in use info@maishince.trade

step-6: Check the box “Never send it to spam” and then create the filter.

step-7: All done.
   How to white-list Maishince emails ? (OUTLOOK)
Step 1: Sign in, in Outlook (make sure you use the web browser.)

Step 2: Make sure Beta is turned off.

Step 3: Go to the setting wheel and click on options.

Step 4: Go to safe mailing lists.

Step 5: Add these mails 1 by 1 and make sure you click save after.

   How to change account emails ?
Sorry, There is no option to change your registered email.
   Terms of Use ?
Please refer to Maishince Terms and Conditions page.
   How to register in Maishince ?
step-1 :

step-2: Go to Registration page

step-3: fill the form with required details and submit the form

step-4: If all the details are validated, then you will receive an email containing Verification link.

step-5: Once you click on confirmation link, your account will be activated and proceed to login.